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Posted by DarkcanxD - June 10th, 2019

This week has been quite a ride honestly. Starting with my new commission, a map it's not finished we are still placing the stuff that goes there but the sketching phase is almost done I'm kinda loving how is looking so far. Also I drew another nsfw thing (I'm not uploading those kind of things yet they are for practicing and for commission examples only until I feel comfortable enough to post them and It will probably be in a second account anyway) my first time drawing not only a femboy but also a furry so I feel I can check those two out of my things to try list. 

Besides that there was the clusterf°ck that was my homework, a traditional acrylic painting of a street with cherry blossoms at night. Thing is I'm very short on paint and money to buy paint so at the start I was really careful and used pretty much the minimum amount for everything and well working like that on painting is quite hard. Safe to say I kinda ended up going f°ck it and just used normal amounts of paints and so far that made my painting look ten times better.

There was also this Monday's webcomic page... I'm just going to say that I hate to draw cars... they just take too much time to do and my masochistic self really had to decided to make the setting of the comic a 1930s kind of world.. those cars are the worse for me DX.

Posted by DarkcanxD - March 11th, 2019

I'm taking the chance I have right now. I'm here in Venezuela and the electricity service as some of you may know it's not working thanks to the government's incompetence or even malice at this point I don't know. So I haven't been able to work in anything, not the comic nor in new drawings. While I've managed to overcome the anxiety and frustration, things are still not looking pretty. Not being able to talk with friends online, play or just draw leave's me alone with my toughs so a mixture of me being boring and depresed comes.

I'm better now, things look like are getting more stable. I just hope someday I'll get out of this shithole.


Posted by DarkcanxD - February 22nd, 2019

Last week was my the final projects of my semesters, also my grandma died and my uncle's ex-wife stole everything from his house while he was in our house... you yeah couple of stressful days. I just managed to get back to work yesterday yet I'm still feeling a bit unmotivated.

Posted by DarkcanxD - December 12th, 2018

Slots [0/5]


Things I can do:

Suggestive sfw art

Visual Novel CG/Character Sprites




Stylized portraits


Low frame animations

Things that can be difficult for me:

Mechanical drawings


Things I won't do:


Excessive Gore

Things you can do with your artwork:

Using it and editing it for personal use.

Reposting ONLY if you credit me.

For commercial Use you need to inform me when you contact me for the commission.

Things I'll do with the art:

Post it on my platforms and Portfolio.

Credit yourself as the buyer if you ask for it.

I won't use the art for commercial use.

The work process:

I reserve the right to reject a commission.

I'll ask for half the payment upfront via Paypal.

I normally need 3-7 days to work on your commission.

If by a week I haven't finished your commission I'll contact you and ask if you are willing to wait more or want a refund.

The Art format:

The max resolution I can work on is 3000x3000 400DPI As a PNG or TIFF file.


How to order:

Send me a note with COMMISSION in the tittle with all the info and reference images if you have.

I'll tell you if I Accept.

I'll send you a draft and ask for half the payment.

I'll send you screenshoots on the flat color phase so you can ask for an adjustment of them.

When finished I'll send a screenshot of the finished product and ask for the second half of the payment before sending the file.


Paypal via: DanDarkDesigns@gmail.com

Order Form:

Your ID/Name so I can credit you if you want.


Information and description of the character.




Face - 10$

Bust - 20$

Full Body - 40$

Detailed background - +40$

Extra Character - Extra 10/20/40$ Depending on format


Flat Color:

Face - 15$

Bust - 30$

Full Body - 60$

Detailed background - +60$

Extra Character - Extra 15/30/60$ Depending on format


Cell Shading:

Face - 25$

Bust - 45$

Full Body - 75$

Detailed background - +75$

Extra Character - Extra 25/45/75$ Depending on format


Full Shading:

Face - 40$

Bust - 60$

Full Body - 100$

Detailed background - +100$

Extra Character - Extra 40/60/100$ Depending on format


Posted by DarkcanxD - December 4th, 2018

Since Tumblr is jumping the shark at the moment I decided that it is a good idea to try newgrounds. I made this account years ago so. Why not try and use it for real this time? I'm Daniel but I mostly go for Darkcan online and my ''brand'' if you can call it that is DanDarkDesigns (Get it, tis my name and pseudonym together with design hurr hurr).